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Ice Ice machine does not solve the ideas and failu

  Ice Ice machine does not solve the ideas and failure analysis summary
       Ice machine does not cause a lot of ice, ice machine itself, but without the hardware, can be observed anomalies, and then locate the point of failure to finalize is not the crux of ice, shrinking the region so you can quickly and accurately find the point of failure. The following are not ice ice machine failure analysis summary:

     First, the reduced production of ice

     1, capillary or expansion valve block.

     2, the system is slightly too high in water ice block.

     3, block ice machine condensate system.

     4, or lack of refrigerant leaks.

     5, the evaporator is too dirty.

     Second, the machine running but no ice

     1, the water dish or water, not enough water.

     2, gear failures or gear motor.

     3, system failure ice block. Dirty block and so on.

     4, the ice machine drain refrigerant, the pressure is not enough

     5, the ice thickness is not enough

     Third, the compressor stopped working:

     1, the voltage is too low. Check the power supply.

     2, the transfer of contact exposure to a bad burn.

     3, the system pressure protection.

     4, the compressor starts to malfunction.

     5, the condenser is dirty, high-voltage protection.

     Fourth, the ice maker leaking

     1, water inlet valve disk excessive supply of water.

     2, connecting pipes damaged areas.

     3, tube hoop failure.

     4, the water level float valve failure.

     Fifth, the wet film is not hard Ice

     1, the ambient temperature is too high especially in the summer will have a case.

     2, the machine repaired refrigerant Cadogan.

     3, plate ice machine water supply watershed excessive.

     4, press the power shortage.

     VI reporting system boot failure

     1, the phase sequence problem.

     2, the power supply system failure.

     3, the control board failure

     Seven, excessive noise

     1, the ice machine fan failure.

     2, gear failure.

     3, the compressor noise.

     Eight, water alarm

     1, Water filter connector block.

     2, the water supply pipe blocking.

     3, the inlet valve block.

     4, the drain valve leakage.

     5, water pump failure.

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